End Of The Road

If there’s an ocean at the end
Of the street, even the puddles
Seem headed that way. The huddled
Buildings, grey and blue, bend
Their angular corners towards the hills
If the end of the street so wills.
I think, as my feet aimlessly wend
Their way down foreign streets,
That there must be a mountain,
An ocean, a future, to meet.


6 thoughts on “End Of The Road

  1. Hey Gita! I actually do enjoy poetry much. I also do write myself and have a bit of it published on my site but in the Greek language only. I just read these mountain poems of yours. Liked them all and this one in particular. It brought me a very exhilarating memory in combination with the image: the exact one depicted in the image in fact… I remember passing by that very street (or one of its parallels it might have been) when I was in Reykjavik some 7 years ago. Whether that exact one or another, it definitely was the same view at its end: the same mountain, the same sea, and a majestic feeling permeating me while beholding them. Thanks a lot for that memory! Really made my day!


    1. You are most welcome, Dimitrios! I wish I had been writing more poetry when I went to Greece because the landscape there is so lovely. maybe next time πŸ™‚ Meanwhile, if you ever translate your poetry into english, let me know!


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