How to live in a world that will end tomorrow

You go to the sidewalk and you
Call out a name any name that
Comes first to your mouth you
Don’t look North you don’t
Look South it’s all the same at
The beginning of the end everyone’s
Your friend the guy frying eggs
On a thela by the street omelettes
People buy in a hurry to eat the
Kid kicking cans in a fenced off
Lawn the women eyeing the
Flip flops that you had on because
You knew there wasn’t going to
Be a dawn that this heartbreaking
Sunset was just another con why
Would the threadbare family care you’re
Just passing through they live
There on the edge of paths that
Pass them by blowing out clouds that
Blot out the sky you should think twice
If you’re going to do this think of all
The great stuff you’re going to
Miss the house you won’t step into the
Fields you’ll never see the trick of
The light that makes you think you’re
Prettier than you used to be but the
Time has come you’ve had your
Walk no leisure left to stop take stock the
World will end tomorrow and you
Should call out a name so that the
Monsters in the morning will know
Whom to claim.


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