Hraundrangi – for Gautam Sinha: one of the most courageous people I have ever known

There’s a lake there, just at the
Foot of the crags. Every time I
Pass this way I think I’mma make
It there. I know what you’re
Thinking. I need to lose fifty pounds
Get new knees, put in some serious
Cardio at the gym. I know it sounds
At best, grim. And I hear you. But
That water is deep and still, and
It sees that tortured hill and it
Takes it to its heart and sends
It back to its surface, beautiful
And blue. So I’m going to wend
My way there, weary or not. There’s
A path, I’ve seen it, it doesn’t seem
Too tough. I’ve fought my way
Through tougher. There’s not a thing
That lake can’t compensate me
For whatever I might suffer.


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