My ‘Be More Terry’ Pledge

(On the occasion of the death anniversary of Sir Terry Pratchett, his fans are asked to make a Be More Terry Pledge, in keeping with his chronic irreverence and quest for truth )

My Be More Terry Pledge

Since the earth is flat, I
Will be the ocean that
Flows over its edge. And
When the Hogfather comes, I
Will be the knife sharp skis
That power his sled. And if
The nightwatch comes for me, I
Will be the flash of heels that
Vanish over the hedge. So Sir Terry,
I make this vow in your name
(Which may last only as long as
A cripple mister onion game):
I swear by shrimp and millennial hand,
I will brave the ice giants of the land,
Like the dwarves, I shall be
Strong in the arm, and like the Igors
I shall stitch humans out of harm.
I will jump start my broomstick when it stalls,
I will hang my hat on my own cottage walls.
When the tide feels the moon’s pull, I’ll
Remember to keep the wear in werewolf. And I
Will practice, always, the ology of the head,
In honour of the wisest man who was ever read.

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