Mr Joe has questions about online teaching

If not for sleeps why it made of sheet?
If not for rolls, nothing for pen is made.
If not for looks, why cat-butt cuter than screens?
If laptop made of warms, cat-sits made for laptops.
If not batshit crazy what means
Talking to zoom-thing lack-stops?


The Fault In Our Cats

So today the cat fell out 
The kitchen window. All
I want to say about
This is, it wasn’t me. I
Didn’t do it. The fall
Doesn’t follow from the fact
That I opened it. Wide.
Or rather – wider. Why hide
The fact that a well cooked
Meal requires ventilation.
Needless to say that the family
That denies any facilitation
In the matter, needed no fervent
Invitation to the heaped platters.
I wish to also place on record
My last words to the lord
Of the manor (who flatters
Himself as innocent of the crime):
Shut the window, I clearly said
As he heaved over in his bed.
Or the cat, I swear to god,
Will fall out. He laughs now,
And thinks it’s funny to point out how
This is one down out of nine.
So I’m saying this for the last
Time: this is everyone’s fault
But mine.

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