One Day…

…soon after summer was almost gone,
I saw what it had done to an old photograph.
The blues had become maroons, the reds
Bled into dark greens. Faces paled into half
Bleached shades of forgotten friends.
My anger emerged in livid shades of bile.
I took down all my pictures and made a face-down
Pile. We turned our faces determinedly away
From this light that had turned our nights to day
How wickedly seduced into believing
That the winter darkness and our sadness had anything
To do with each other. Now another
Spring woos me. Shows me how the past year
Framed me. Asks me to turn my face around
Think about putting protective film, this year,
On the windows that bring the sun in.
Grow a thicker skin.

Around Midnight

When the red gold sears
The desert sands of the skies
And the mountain rises
Like a mirage, mystic, promising
Water to the sailor, thirsting
For sandy shores. And the seas
Glitter and glow on dark beaches
Bringing treasure from the reaches
To strange lands where women
Watch from the rocks for seafarers
Washed ashore.


Love Poem

When we came out it was nearly eleven
There was still light in the sky
We found names for all the blues, seven
Shades between colour and hue
And how the ocean shone with the light
As if it glowed from within, dry
Fire burning like a secret heart, bright
As the lighthouse beam, turning and turning
Lighting the way home. And you
And I, Seeing ourselves outlined
In still black, against the churning
Always forever, always new.