Lullaby for whoever needs it (to the tune of ‘Greensleeves’)

Anxiety, you do me wrong,
To task me so discourteously
For I have shunned you, oh so long
Undesiring of your company.

Deep sleep is all I want,
Deep sleep here in my bed
Deep sleep would be nice right now
So please get out of my head.

If you think you and I are friends,
I can’t say that I blame you
But this is where our friendship ends
Don’t make me up and shame you.

Anxiety, you’re meant to be
A sign of dysfunctionality
Anxiety, oh don’t you see
No fun is had in your society.

So Anxiety, farewell, adieu
There’s other words that I won’t use
But one begins with an F and you
Will hear it if you refuse.

Anxiety, if you were me
You’d find someone else to do
And I would find somewhere else to be
Anxiety, if I were you.


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