What do the Icelandic do without their pools?

When things get tricky the Icelandic aren’t too picky

They stay indoors, line up at stores,

Do their chores and mop their floors,

Report their symptoms if they start feeling peaky

Work from home and stay out of schools but

What do the Icelandic do without their pools??

Rumour has it they can’t live without them

They’re essential for the locals to be able to

Keep their wits about them. Babies and mothers,

Athletes, newly wed brides, and nuns, among others,

Philosophers, doctors, farmers, and fools 

What do the Icelandic do without their pools?!

No soaking in the hot tubs, no water-jet back rubs,

No gossip with swimsuited friend, no kids splashing 

In the shallow end, no lobster-hued legs as you go

From the forty degree hot pot to sit in the snow

No cloud of steam on shoulders bare, no dipping

Underwater to melt the icicles in your hair. No 

Resolving your traumas by having a good soak,

Pandemics are one thing, but is this a joke?!

Do  they raise their arms to the skies and stare

Wildly about, smother a scream and stifle a shout?

Do they refuse to eat, put down their tools? I feel 

Their stress, their anguish and tension, and thus 

I seek an answer to this most pertinent question:

How do they stay Viking strong and keep their cools?

What do the Icelandic do without their pools?!


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