A Dog’s Life

Dogs can be trained to not beg.
This is what we were told, and it’s
Probably true. Whack’em on the nose
Admonish in stern voice. Let them know
Entreating for food is not a choice. The
Owner’s parent, however, is harder
To train. My dad refused point blank. “Teach
Your dog not to ask”, he said. To be frank,
That was all we got for our pains. Each
Pet knows – as does every grandchild –
Who will be firm and who will be mild. Our
Current dog looks at my mother-in-law
Lifts up her eyes and holds out her paw
Gets pheasant and beef, sometimes chicken
Gives undiluted adoration and a good finger
Lickin’. The cat can’t be bothered to wait:
He sits in her lap and eats from the plate.
Moral of the story, word to the wise
Dogs are parents make the best allies.


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