Paper Writing

The floors are swept, the crystal dusted,
The cushions plumped, the carpet adjusted.
I’ve sorted my drawers, I’ve braided my hair,
Put the dog in the garden and the cat on the chair.
Fresh flowers are in the vases, the books are on the shelf –
Now why hasn’t that paper written itself?!
I’ve procrastinated, discussed it with friends,
Intended to read the articles I need to meet this article’s ends.
I’ve sat in cafes, nursing crises existential,
Cursed my limitations, doubted my potential.
Prayed to gods, demons, a giant and an elf
But that stupid paper still isn’t writing itself!
Am I doing something wrong, I suddenly think
Clutch my heart, feel my stomach sink.
Have I missed something out, forgotten to do
Some critical, important activity or two?
Why do my senses fail, my enthusiasm taper?
What must I do to be done with this paper?!


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